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Eight Launches AI-Powered Personal Sleep Coach

June 20, 2018


NEW YORK, June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Eight, ( the technology company focused on improving the way we sleep — today announced the launch of its AI-powered personal Sleep Coach feature, available in the Eight iOS and Android apps. The app is a companion to the company's best-selling Smart Mattress product. In addition to the newly added sleep coaching capability, the Eight Smart Mattress continues to offer sleep tracking, bed warming, smart alarm, and integration to smart home devices including Amazon Alexa and Nest.




With the introduction of sleep coaching, the company is putting to use over 2.5 million nights of sleep data that have been tracked to date. Eight's neural network uses this data to build real-time benchmarks of individuals' sleep based on their personal patterns and other key indicators such as their gender, age, and location, with the goal of providing direction to improving their sleep.


"Sleep deprivation is costing the US economy 400 billion dollars each year. The AI-powered Sleep Coach is our answer to this," said Matteo Franceschetti, CEO and Co-Founder, Eight. "Thanks to the accuracy and volume of data that we gather, we are able to offer users unique insights into their sleep unlike any other consumer product in the market. This is just the start of seeing our vision realized, of a future in which technology and data make healthcare more scientific and consistent."


After sleeping on the Eight Smart Mattress, and without having to do or wear anything, users will automatically have access to the personalized insights and recommendations provided by the Sleep Coach. These insights are displayed in the Eight app and change every day based on each user's sleep patterns. Examples of the insights that will be available are:


  • "Great job! You got 7 hours and 43 minutes of sleep last night. That is 30 minutes more than your average this month."
  • "You sleep like a rock! This week you've tossed and turned on average 10 times per night. This is much lower than the average for people your age, which is 25 toss and turns per night."
  • "On average it takes you 12 minutes to fall asleep. This is significantly less than the 20 minute average for women your age."
  • "You are a quick riser! On average this week you got out of bed within 7 minutes of waking up. This is 15% faster than the average for people in New York City."
  • "You get higher sleep scores on Mondays. What's your secret?"
  • "Your percentage of REM sleep was 15% last night. This is lower than the healthy range of 20-25%. Lack of REM is caused by lack of sleep and can lead to fatigue and in the long term memory loss."


As one of the first companies to merge hardware and software to improve the way we sleep, Eight's mission is to help people understand how their health is affected by how they sleep, and how improvements in their sleep can ultimately improve the way they live. It does this by leveraging machine learning to extract information from sleep data. Its signature product, the Eight Smart Mattress, tracks over 15 factors of sleep including heart rate, breathing rate, deep and light sleep, time slept, and tosses and turns. Its analysis of over 200 billion data points collected to date has uncovered findings that are built into the recommendation engine of the sleep coaching feature.


With a recent Series B round of funding led by Khosla Ventures, Eight continues on its path to become the largest sleep database in the world. It has tracked over 2.5 million nights of sleep in just two years, and is expecting to collect an additional 12 million nights of sleep before the end of 2018. Last year, Eight collected and processed 500 terabytes of data from over 20,000 people, executed over 200,000 sleep-related smart home actions, and warmed up beds for over 1 million hours. The Eight Sleep Coach is leveraging the power of this database to offer personalized sleep coaching unlike any other product currently in the market.


The AI-powered Sleep Coach is free and available exclusively on the Eight app. The app must be used with an Eight Smart Mattress which starts at $699. To learn more and purchase Eight products visit


About Eight:
Founded in 2014 and based in New York City, Eight is bringing the biggest technological evolution that sleep has seen in the last 300 years. Named one of the Most Innovative Companies in Consumer Electronics by Fast Company, Eight is redesigning the traditional concept of a mattress, by developing cutting-edge AI and machine learning models to track bio signals during sleep with the goal of optimizing body recovery and rest. For more information about the company and its products visit

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