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Eight vs. Leesa: The Ultimate Mattress Battle

Posted by Carlie Dobkin
Eight vs. Leesa: The Ultimate Mattress Battle

With so many mattresses out there, how do you know if Eight Smart Mattress is the one for you? Well, we've made it easy for you by giving you an in-depth and honest comparison so you can make a smart decision regarding your sleep! Today we're comparing Eight with Leesa. 

Let's Compare


The Eight Smart Mattress is a one of a kind mattress that combines ultimate comfort with sleep technology. Eight’s four layers of premium high-density foam provide unparalleled support. The foam is specially designed to offer bounce and comfort while ensuring a cool temperature. What really sets Eight apart from its competitors is the technology. The mattress comes with a smart cover and sleep tracker that measures your sleep and gives you insight on your sleeping habits. By learning about your sleep patterns, you will improve your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day! In addition, Eight is the only mattress that has a bed warming feature, a smart alarm, and full smart home integration - all controlled and customized from the tip of your finger.

The Eight mattress falls at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which means it’s not too firm and not too soft. It offers dynamic support and contouring comfort without sacrificing breathability or resilience.  


The Leesa mattress consists of latex-like (Avena) foam, memory foam, and a base foam. The Avena foam is a polyurethane foam, but performs more like latex to add spring and keep you cool. Leesa has a medium firmness that makes it a comfortable bed for any sleeping position.

What Four Layers Of Foam Can Do For You

The Eight mattress has four layers of premium high-density foam to support every sleep profile. The top layer is a 2” reactive foam that bounces like latex but feels like foam. It’s designed to be comfortable and stay cool. The next layer is a 2” contouring memory foam that will contour to your body while providing pressure relief. The third layer is a 2” supportive transition foam that offers additional comfort and consistent weight distribution to support all body types. The bottom layer is a 4” durable support foam that is highly breathable and adds just the right amount of firmness. Having four layers of high-density foam will keep you from sinking and support heavier sleepers, whereas three layers may not provide enough support.

What do the experts say?

They love it!

Sleepopolis recommends this mattress for sleepers who want to improve the quality of their sleep and achieve a great night's sleep. The unique four layers of foam create a well-balanced mattress that has just the right amount of sinkage and hug without ever feeling stuck.

Mattress Insider says "it's a good mattress for anyone looking for that nice medium feel, somebody that wants a little more bounce than what you'll find on a memory foam, it's easy to adjust positions, and it has very good motion transfer reduction, and slept cool as well."



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