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Everything You Need to Know About the Eight Smart Mattress

Posted by Emily Bertha
Everything You Need to Know About the Eight Smart Mattress

Mattress shopping used to be boring and expensive, but Eight, a sleep innovation company, has changed that with the introduction of the Eight Smart Mattress. From tracking your sleep and keeping you warm at night, to making you coffee in the morning, the Eight Smart Mattress provides everything you need for a better sleep. Read below for more details on what makes this new bed a great option for you.


The Eight Smart Mattress has four high density foam layers and one technology layer. The foam layers consist of a 2 inch reactive poly foam that bounces like lat
ex but feels like foam and provides comfort while staying cool; a 2 inch contouring memory foam that provides pressure relief; a 2 inch supportive transition poly foam that adds additional comfort and weight distribution; and a 4 inch high density support base foam that provides a durable foundation, is highly breathable, and adds the right amount of firmness. Each of the four foams are CertiPUR-US certified. This is the bed for all the Goldilocks in the world; it is not too firm, but not too soft.


This bed is beauty sleep and brains, proving you can have it all. The technology layer is a sensored, polyester cover that goes on top of the mattress and can be removed. It is connected to a hub which contains sensors to measure room light and temperature and must be plugged into a standard U.S. 2 prong outlet. It is compatible with 110V and 220V. You can purchase the Eight Smart Mattress which already includes the technology layer you will need to put on, or you can purchase the technology layer separately to put on any mattress you already have. It contains piezo and bed temperature sensors and has bed warming capabilities.  If you sleep with a partner, the warming feature allows you to set the warmth level on each side of the bed individually using a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the warmest. This can be done from the Eight App and usually takes about 30 minutes to reach the maximum level, depending on the size of your bed. The Eight App is iOS and Android compatible and is necessary to get the full benefits of the technology layer.

The technology layer also includes a sleep tracking feature which can be controlled from the Eight App. The sleep tracking feature on the app allows you to see your time slept, how much you tossed and turned during the night, your respiratory and heart rate, the bed and room temperature, your sleep schedule, and sleep stages. The Eight App gives you an overall sleep score that you can use to improve your sleep the next night if needed. Like the warming feature, the sleep tracker monitors sleep patterns for both sides of the bed. You can view your partner’s sleep patterns on the app as well as invite your partner to see yours.  Unlike other sleep tracking devices, you do not have to wear anything or remember to charge or turn on a device. As long as the hub is plugged in, your sleep will be tracked automatically without you having to do a thing. Eight’s sleep tracker is also different from other sleep tracking systems in terms of accuracy. Sleeping on sensors every night provide detailed, accurate results of your sleep patterns.

The Eight App also contains a smart alarm that wakes you up at the right time every morning. The smart alarm rings on your phone and will wake you up during your lightest sleep stage within a half hour before your alarm but never after the time you set your alarm for. There are custom ringtones on the app designed by a sound engineer to wake you up in whatever mood you choose. Additionally, the Eight app features white noise to help you block out distracting outside noises and fall asleep easily. Meditation sessions on the app also help you relax before bed. Another unique feature of the Eight app is the ability to conduct an energy experiment. During the day, the app monitors energy inputs such as sleep, caffeine, exercise, etc. to help you better understand your sleep and ultimately sleep better. Check out the Eight App in this video.

Eight approaches sleep as entire experience. This means connecting your sleep with relevant aspects in your life. Eight is the only mattress that connects to your home to have your home sync with your sleep allowing you to avoid sleep distractions and disruptions. You can connect Eight to other smart products in your home such as Amazon Echo, WeMo coffeemaker, and Hue lights. When paired with Eight, these smart devices can warm up your bed, dim your lights, and wake you up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.


The Eight Smart Mattress is offered in four sizes:

  • Full: 54” x 75” x 10” for $950
  • Queen: 60” x 80” x 10” for $1,050
  • King: 76” x 80” x 10” for $1,150
  • California King: 72” x 84” x 10” for $1,150


The Smart Mattress arrives in a box the size of a golf bag (the box on the bottom in the above image), and the sleep tracker arrives in a separate, smaller box (the box on the top). Not sure if the Eight Smart Mattress is for you? Eight offers a 100 night trial and free shipping and returns if you don’t love it. The mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty, and the technology layer has a 1 year limited warranty. Eight also has a showroom in New York where you can test out the products for yourself. Schedule an appointment here.