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Framing a Better Sleep

Posted by Emily Bertha
Framing a Better Sleep

According to GoodBed, not having a well made bed frame can lead to squeaking, and a bed frame without enough support in the center can cause a sagging mattress. No one wants to feel like there’s a tiny army of mice in their bedroom, and a sagging bed is even worse than saggy pants.

All mattresses need some sort of foundation for optimal comfort. You certainly don’t want to have to have to completely bend down in order to get into bed. You also don’t want to be sleeping inches from the ground. Aside from choosing a bed frame with proper center support that is made from top quality materials, foundation type is largely a personal choice.

You’ve probably heard of the classic box spring. But do you know what foundation works best for your mattress? The times have changed, and so have the options for bed frames. Here’s a roundup of the best options.

Box Spring

A box spring is the traditional base for mattresses. It is a wooden box covered in a thin fabric with springs or metal rods inside to provide shock absorption for the mattress. They work best with innerspring mattresses.

Mattress foundation

This option replaces the box spring. According to Ted and Stacey’s Mattress Guides, “box springs are designed more for shock absorption and less for support, [but] foundations are designed to simply support mattresses.”  Since foam mattresses need support, this is an ideal option for them. They tend to provide higher height profiles than other options and can be used in conjunction with platform foundations.

Adjustable bed frame

Aesthetically these sort of fit the hospital bed vibe, but without the discomfort, bad smell, and funky cafeteria jello stains. They are remote controlled and can be adjusted to your favorite position for your best sleep. This type of frame is ideal for people who experience joint or back discomfort and people who want to watch tv in bed at the perfect angle. Many offer built-in massaging options.


Platform foundation

This is another economical option. Platform foundations are typically reasonably priced and often have storage areas built into them. It is one long piece of wood that provides a sharp, modern look.

Slatted Base

This is similar to a mattress foundation, but it does not provide as much height. If purchasing a slatted base, make sure the slats are fairly close together for the best support.  It is recommended that the slats are no farther than 2 or 3 inches apart from each other.


Whichever bed frame you choose, make sure it can hold your mattress. Research the materials your frame is made of, and make sure they are good quality. Taking the time to decide which bed frame is right for your bed can improve your sleep quality, and we believe a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your body.