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How Many Pillows Do You Really Need?

Posted by Alex Pinarello
How Many Pillows Do You Really Need?

Do you sleep with a pile of pillows? Although this looks super cozy, it may not be the best for your sleep. Believe it or not, the number of pillows you sleep on could be the blame for a bad night. 

Even though many of us sleep with 2, 3 or even 4 pillows, the recommended number is just one. A single pillow is all you need to support your head. The whole purpose of a pillow is to keep your neck aligned with your spine. Sleeping on more than one pillow could actually strain your neck.  

One pillow is more than enough to give you a good night's sleep. At Eight, we have the data to prove it. Since our launch, we have tracked over 8 million hours of sleep. We found that people who sleep on one pillow toss and turn the least throughout the night. And people sleeping with more than four pillows have an average sleep score that's 4% higher than sleepers with one pillow.

This graph shows the average sleep score per number of pillows

This graph shows the average toss and turns each night per pillow. The average toss and turns per night for Eight users is 18.2, as shown by the dotted line. 


Because we know the value of sleeping on just one pillow, we created one perfect pillow. We designed The Ultimate Pillow to fit all sleepers. It's adjustable so you can choose your height and firmness levels to fit your personal preferences.

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