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How the Eight Sleep Tracker Works

Posted by Emily Bertha
How the Eight Sleep Tracker Works

There are a lot of products out there that track your sleep. As with many things, there is one product that does it best, and that is Eight.

Eight is an innovative sleep tracker. It is a thin mattress cover with built in tracking sensors that goes over your mattress. What makes it unique is that you don’t have to ever worry about charging it, wearing it, or activating it at night. Eight does its thing so you can do yours.

Eight automatically tracks over 15 factors from your sleep and environment to determine your sleep patterns. It can adjust your sleep environment for you so you can rest better.

The hub

The Eight cover has two piezoelectric sensors, one on each side of the bed. Eight uses ballistocardiography which measures heart rate. The sensors also measure body motion. Eight collects data from your body when you’re in bed (movement, heart and breathing rate) and your bedroom (ambient light levels, temperature, humidity, noise level). It even tracks the  temperature of your bed.

Information is collected by the built in sensors and transmitted to the attached Hub, which is connected to your wifi network. The Hub stores and processes the data. Through wi-fi, the Hub then securely communicates that data with our cloud-based services.


These cloud based services process the data from the many sensors and transforms it into useful stats displayed in the app, such as the amount of time spent in bed and your current heart and respiratory rates. This information then gets transferred to the Eight app. All this data is analyzed on the Eight app to tell you about your sleep quantity, quality, and patterns.

Learn more about the Eight sleep tracker here.