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Keeping it Cool: Is There a Cooling Feature in the Eight Smart Mattress?

Posted by Emily Bertha
Keeping it Cool: Is There a Cooling Feature in the Eight Smart Mattress?

Switching from hot to iced coffee isn’t the only important change between seasons. What about the temperature of your bed?

One of the many unique aspects of the Eight Smart Mattress is the fact that you are able to warm up each side of the bed individually, which can be controlled over the Eight app. But unless you live in an area where the weather is perpetually cold, this aspect may not be appealing in the warmer months. However, the warming feature proves useful year round in regulating body temperature for those of us who tend to feel cold at night regardless of the weather outside.

Currently, the Eight Smart Mattress does not have a cooling feature. If you are interested in seeing a cooling feature in the future, provide your email address here so we can keep you up to date on the exciting new additions coming to the Eight Smart Mattress.

Just because there is not a cooling option right now does not mean your bed will be so hot that you will be forced to sleep nude every night. The bed warming setting can be adjusted between levels. So if you find yourself feeling too hot at a level 3 heat setting for example, then you can lower your heat to level 1. The warming feature can also be turned off with one easy touch on the Eight app. It can be set differently for each side of the bed. So if you want to turn your warming feature off but your partner wants to leave his or hers on, that’s not a problem.

The science: You’ve probably heard that sleeping in a cold bedroom is better for your health. So why would you want a warming feature in your bed? It is true that sleeping in a cold bedroom is good for your health, but that only applies to bedrooms, not beds themselves.  When we are sleeping, our body temperature drops. Some people wake up sweating while others wake up too cold. So depending on your body’s changes, a warming feature may be very beneficial. Relaxation before bed is key to a good night’s sleep, and a bed that feels warm and cozy allows many people to relax.

It is important to regulate body temperature while sleeping. Getting too hot or too cold during the night can disrupt sleep.  Check out the section on our website detailing the warming feature to learn how to fully operate the feature to get your best sleep in every climate and season.