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Something cool is coming.

Something cool is coming.

New Feature Launch: The Sleep Lab

New Feature Launch: The Sleep Lab

In August, we launched the Sleep Lab. This is an exciting initiative for us, as it’s the start of a series of programs and tools to help improve your sleep.

The purpose of the Sleep Lab is to understand how our habits and behaviors during the day affect our sleep at night. Many factors play into getting a great night’s sleep, and those factors vary greatly person to person. By identifying behavioral patterns, we hope to make insights our customers can use to actually improve their sleep.

For example, some insights might be:

  • If Alex exercises for 30 mins in the morning, her sleep quality improves by 30%.
  • If Jake gets 6hrs and 30 mins of sleep, he better maintains his energy levels throughout the day.
  • If Anna gives up her morning cup of coffee, she’ll fall asleep 20 min faster at night.


The Sleep Lab examines well-known recommendations and assumptions about sleep, like “don’t drink caffeine after 3 pm” and “get 7-9 hours of sleep each night”, and sees how and if those apply to each user’s personal data. By comparing and analyzing many factors together, we hope to figure out each user’s ideal ‘formula’ for great sleep.

“Experiments” are what we’re calling the tests users run to find out more about what affects their sleep. Some of the factors we plan on experimenting with:

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 4.24.47 PM

We’ll track specific data inputs per factor and compare and analyze it to your nightly sleep data. In one experiment, you might be inputting the data yourself.  In the next, Eight might be integrated with another app to pull external data.

Get started in the Sleep Lab by downloading the latest version of the Eight app on iTunes and Google Play.

We’d love to hear what other experiment ideas you have. Drop us a line at [email protected].