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Our Top 3 Bedtime Reads Right Now

Our Top 3 Bedtime Reads Right Now

Nowadays, our sleep is primarily affected by the technology that surrounds us. We spend too much time ‘connected’, and as a result it has become a part of our habits to bring our devices to bed with us, rather than disconnect and go straight to sleep.

Experts suggest leaving all electronic devices out of our bedrooms, and spending some time in other activities such as mediation, breathing exercises, body stretching, listening to relaxing music, or reading.

To inspire you to take some ‘me’ time, below is a list of our current top three bedtime reads:


1. Siddhartha, Herman Hesse.

Hesse’s novel of spiritual self-discovery is a great read right before or after a moment of meditation. It leads you through a journey of enlightenment, guiding you to reconnect and question yourself as you follow the story of young Siddhartha. – Hardcover $7.95


2. Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, Pablo Neruda.

Poetry is a great genre to help you relax, disconnect from reality, and jump into literature that offers more emotion than logic. Who better to guide you into your dreams than world-renowned Chilean poet Pablo Neruda and his most notorious compilation of poems? If you know Spanish, we recommend you buy the book in its original language. – Paperback $10.90


3. The Roosevelts, Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns.

For the non-fiction lovers, Ward and Burns offer a portrait of what many consider as America’s greatest political family. A New York Times bestseller, it delivers insights into the lives of Theodore, Eleanor, and Franklin Roosevelt: their strengths, flaws, and immeasurable impact. – Hardcover $37.95


Make sure you are reading with the appropriate light in regards to intensity, color, and direction. And whether you decide to read as an e-book, from a hardcover book, or to purchase these titles as audiobooks, we guarantee that it will be time well spent and it will help your body in adjusting into sleeping mode.

What is your favorite bedtime read right now?