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She Sleeps, She Scores: How Our Sleep Tracker Works

Posted by Emily Bertha
She Sleeps, She Scores: How Our Sleep Tracker Works

Today, we put so much effort into being the best. We want to be the best at our jobs, in our relationships, and in our appearance. But what about sleep?

Without proper rest, we cannot excel during the day. At Eight, we want you to get the best sleep possible. We give you a sleep score so you can change your sleeping patterns if needed and wake up ready to take on the day.

How does it work?

The technology in the Eight Smart Mattress and the Eight Sleep Tracker tracks your sleep phases during the night using built in piezo sensors. These sensors detect your heart and respiratory rate. The technology can also detect body movement.

The information picked up by the technology in the bed is transferred to the Hub which processes the data. This data then shows up on the Eight app and your sleep score is calculated based on this information.

What is it?

The Sleep Score is a measure of overall sleep performance. Your sleep score is out of 100. Each morning, you will get a sleep score from the night before. You can view you sleep score daily, weekly, and monthly.

Your Sleep Score is calculated by using a proprietary algorithm that combines a number of factors about your sleep.

Think of your sleep score as a sort of nightly test, but try not to let the colors give you nightmares of those grade school math tests. You can always improve your sleep score.

The color indicates the level of your Sleep Score. On average, certain sleep factors will produce a certain sleep score.

Red = OK, but your sleep needs improvement

  • Score range: 50 – 66
  • Avg time slept: 4hrs 30min
  • Avg toss & turns: 52 times

Yellow = Good, but still room for improvement

  • Score range: 67 – 83
  • Avg time slept: 5hrs 30min
  • Avg toss & turns: 23 times

Green = A+, you’re well rested

  • Score range: 84 – 100
  • Avg time slept: 8hrs
  • Avg toss & turns: 7 times

When your score is in the red zone, it is natural to want to improve your sleep score. But don’t obsess over it; save that for the next season of Game of Thrones. Look at your sleep score as a benchmark on your sleep. You can use it as a kind of thermometer to know what changes you can make to get your best rest.