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Stay Woke: The Eight Smart Alarm Explained

Posted by Emily Bertha
Stay Woke: The Eight Smart Alarm Explained

The shrill hotel wake up call and annoyingly bright digital alarm clock are things of the past. We live in a world of smart technology, and we at Eight believe your alarm should be smart too.

Here’s how it works:

The technology in the Eight Smart Mattress and the Eight Sleep Tracker tracks your sleep phases during the night using built in sensors. The piezo sensors detect your heart and respiratory rate to determine what sleep stage you are in.  When you set your alarm for a certain time, let’s say 7am, the Eight Smart Alarm comes into play. The Eight smart alarm gathers information from the sensors to know what stage of sleep you’re in. The smart alarm wakes you during your lightest sleep stage within a half hour before your alarm but never after the time you set your alarm for. So if you set your alarm for 7:00am, the earliest possible time the alarm would ring is 6:30am, and the latest is 7:00am.

Why is this important?

During light sleep, we are naturally more awake. It is easier to get out of bed in the morning if we are awoken during this stage.

Where is the smart alarm?

The Eight smart alarm exists purely on the Eight App. The alarm rings on your phone; it does not cause your Eight Smart Mattress to vibrate in order to wake you up.

What does it sound like?

You can pick between a number of sounds to wake up to. There are custom ringtones on the app designed by a sound engineer to wake you up in whatever mood you choose.

Download the Eight app to get the Eight smart alarm here.