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The Gift Guide That Puts You To Sleep (Literally)

The Gift Guide That Puts You To Sleep (Literally)


It’s no secret that we’re all about sleep—getting it, and giving it. And while we love gadgets and products that help do both. So we polled our team of sleep-obsessed experts to see what they use for their nightly routines, from an elegant automatic toothbrush to the pillow of their dreams. Below, our 8 favorites to gift… or grab for yourself.


#1 Unwind Under A Warm Waterfall

NebiaSometimes, a luxuriously long shower is the best feeling in the world, whether you’re using it to wake your body up in the morning, or unwind it at night. The best one out there is Nebia. It’s like combining a waterfall and a steam room in your bathroom, with micro droplets misting from all sides. Luxurious.

Buy it here: Nebia Shower System


#2 Rub Away The Stress

Organic Bath CoNo one wants to go to bed stressed. A good body butter can help relieve that—it gets blood flowing to the surface of your skin, making it glow, making you feel alive, and softening off the worries. Perfect for putting pep in your morning, or getting away the grime of a day.

Buy it here: Organic Bath Co Stress Less Body Butter


#3 Show Your Skin Some Love

OnomieWhen we sleep, our bodies revitalize themselves. But they can always use a little extra help. A skin-strengthening serum does wonders. We love one that works day or night, like Onomie’s, for 24/7 glow.

Buy it here: Onomie Powerful Priming Serum


 #4 Brush Up Before Bed

QuipSince childhood, that’s been most of our ritual—brush your teeth, and go to bed. Not only because the routine is a signal that it’s time for sleep, but also it’s important to not spend several hours with bacteria in your mouth (gross). Quip is a new, improved one designed to get all the junk out, with automatic timers so you’re spending just the right amount of time brushing. Plus, it’s compact and sleek, so design-savvy people will love it, too.

Buy it here: Quip Toothbrush


#5 Slide Into Cozier Sheets

SnoweThe feeling of clean sheets is unrivaled—like slipping into your own little comfy cocoon. And because you use them every night (probably), better quality sheets are an investment that pays off. Egyptian cotton is the way to go. With high thread counts and a fabric that softens just so over time, it’s the best way to make a bed better.

Buy it here: Snowe Percale Sheet Set


#6 Discover Your Dream Pillow


A pillow can make your break your night. Finding the best one for you (or your loved ones) is essential but often tricky, with peoples’ preferences varying. Malouf knows that, so they designed not just one pillow, but dozens of variations on their perfect product, with many fillings, fabrics, and sizes to choose from—and all explained in-depth, so you can easily find the one of your dreams.

Buy it here: Malouf Z Pillow


#7 Purify Your SpaceAwair

Obviously, you want the place where you sleep to be clean—since your breathing slows when you’re at rest, poor air quality can more easily affect it. But that can be hard to control, especially for city-dwellers. So we love AWAIR (for aware + air): A smart air quality monitor that targets what’s going on in your room so you can adjust and sleep soundly. A great gift for the neat freaks in your life.

Buy it here: AWAIR


#8 Hydrate Healthy

SomaYou want to have water handy. But a regular glass is open to whatever floats in the air. A great water bottle solves that. Soma’s is glass and bamboo, so no chemical-filled plastics. And not to mention it looks beautiful, too—a chic addition to the nightstand.

Buy it here: Soma Glass Water Bottle


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