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Something cool is coming.

Something cool is coming.

The One Solution To Staying Cool This Summer

Posted by Emily Bertha
The One Solution To Staying Cool This Summer

Summer is officially here. Try as you might with misting fans, hats, and seeking out evening breezes, sometimes you just can’t beat the heat when you’re outside. So stay in!  The easiest way to stay cool this summer is to stay in your Eight bed. Who doesn’t want an excuse to stay in bed longer?

All of Eight’s products are expertly designed for sleeping cool and comfortable.

Eight Smart Bed and Eight mattress

The Eight mattress consists of four layers of high-density foam that don’t retain heat. The top layer is a 2 inch responsive poly foam designed to increase breathability and circulation. The result is a cool mattress for you to relax in all summer long.

The Smart Mattress has a thin technology layer with built in piezo sensors placed on top of the foam mattress. This unique sleep tracker is extremely thin, so it helps to improve breathability. Sleep smart, not sweaty.

Eight Sheets

What’s a bed without sheets? Eight’s all organic 300 thread count cotton sheets are soft and cool. Made of long staple fiber and single ply yarn, these sheets are durable and breathable. Eight sheets don’t trap heat, so you won’t wake up covered in sweat.  

Stay Connected

Don’t let the temperature outside affect how you sleep. You can connect Eight to smart thermostats like Nest to help you stay cool. Setup and customize your ideal sleep environment so you’re always well rested.

Staying cool and well rested is the smart choice. So sleep smart with Eight this summer.