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The Veep’s Sleep: What VEEP’s Selina Meyer Has Taught Us About Sleep

Posted by Emily Bertha
The Veep’s Sleep: What VEEP’s Selina Meyer Has Taught Us About Sleep

What do Easter, my dad’s birthday, and the season 6 premiere of HBO’s hit show VEEP all have in common? They all fall on April 16th this year. Of course, the most notable is the new season of VEEP, featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as vice president/eventual president Selina Meyer. The position of vice president takes a lot out of Selina, and it is not a shock that she does not get enough sleep.

Eight’s top mission is helping people get their best sleep possible, so we decided to take a look at how Ms. Veep’s Sleep could be improved. From getting her own bills to fail to accidental tweets from POTUS’s account, Selina has a lot on her plate. As the seasons progress, the jokes get funnier and Selina’s free time for sleep becomes less and less.  While most of us do not have jobs as stressful as the vice president’s, we can all learn from these sleep tips inspired by each season of VEEP so far.

Lesson 1: Boredom can induce sleep

In season 1, episode five opens with the veep falling asleep live on C-Span largely because, well, it’s C-Span. The sleep tip here? Boredom can help you fall asleep. If you find yourself not being able to fall asleep because your mind is too active, try listening to a podcast or reading a book you find dull. Eight’s app offers white noise which can be calming and dull after awhile. However, if you find yourself falling asleep during work like Selina, try moving around.

Lesson 2: Medications can make you sleepy

In season 2, Selina walks through a glass door. Classic. She takes herbal painkillers, and while the show does not note how they may affect her sleep, it is crucial to keep in mind that medications can affect our sleep.  According to, some prescriptions make it difficult to fall asleep while others leave you feeling tired during the day.  Everything from heart medications to herbal medications like the kind Selina used have been known to disrupt sleep. Medications affect people differently, but if you are having issues with sleep, the reason might be in your medicine cabinet. Consider switching to a different brand of medication if possible.

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Lesson 3: Travel messes with your circadian cycle

Being vice president requires a lot of travel. In season 3, Selina heads to London. The obvious sleep connection? Jet lag sucks and negatively affects our sleep. Our circadian rhythms take time to adjust to new time zones, and one result is us being sleepy at the wrong time. offers helpful suggestions to combat jet lag, such as “getting up and going to bed earlier several days prior to an eastward trip and later for a westward trip” and going outdoors. The sun helps in regulating our body’s internal clock.

Lesson 4: When you are sick, sleep it out

In Season 4, Selina becomes sick and must work in bed. She recites the famous line, “I can sleep when I’m dead.” If you’re finding yourself too busy for sleep like Selina, try assigning some tasks to others. Just make sure they aren’t as incompetent as Selina’s team. Coworkers, employees, spouses, and family can be great support. Ask them to help you with some tasks so you can get the sleep you need and perform better the next day. When you’re sick, you need to rest; don’t let too much work get in the way of your health.

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Lesson 5: Lack of sleep can affect appearance

In Season 5, Selina develops a massive stress pimple, everyone’s worst nightmare when they have to face a camera. A lack of sleep can contribute to acne. According to the Sleep Centre, lack of sleep alone will probably not cause acne, but a lack of sleep combined with other factors such as stress and eating poorly can cause a breakout of acne. The right amount of sleep can make you feel and look better.

Here at Eight, we’re looking forward to the new laughs and sleep wisdom VEEP will surely supply in the new season starting April 16th. Just don’t lose sleep binge watching the show!