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Something cool is coming.

Something cool is coming.

What superhero do you sleep like?

What superhero do you sleep like?

Superheroes seem unbeatable, taking on all the bad guys for us. But just because they have awesome day (or night) jobs, doesn’t mean they don’t need to carve out time to get some Zzz’s. After all, they are superheroes not superhumans.

Answer this quiz to find out which superhero you sleep like. Will it be Batman, or Ironman?

Getting good sleep is like a super power!

At Eight we believe sleep is something that can be learned and improved. Everyone’s sleep cycle is different. Which means you might not need the recommended eight hours a night—maybe more, maybe less. But no matter how much, we all need to sleep so we can recharge our bodies and get ready for the challenges of every day.

For this reason we create products that can help you achieve good sleep, listening to your body and learning what makes you sleep well.

We are here to help you find your best rest—your version of eight hours. And make the most out of them.

Learn how to sleep like a superhero with Eight.
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