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Mattress Size Guide

Mattress Twin
Mattress Twin XL
Mattress Full
Mattress Queen
Mattress King
Mattress Cali King

mattress sizes explained

Full, Queen, King, and Twin size mattresses are familiar with most people but Twin XL and Cali King may be new to some. Queen size and above is recommeded for couples while the Twin, Twin XL, and Full sizes are best suited for solo sleepers.

The Twin XL is an extended version of the Twin, measuring 5 inches longer in length than the Twin and is most often seen in college dorms. The difference between the King and Cali King sizes is both width and length; the Cali King is 4 inches narrower but 4 inches longer. This difference may be noteworthy if you are above 6 feet tall. It may appear that the sizes are the same since it is a loss and gain of 4 inches, but the Cali King’s surface area is smaller than the King size by 32 cubic inches (72 x 84 = 6048; 80 x 76 = 6080).

When selecting the perfect mattress, be mindful of the room dimensions and avoid moisture and excess heat for safety and sanitary measures. Make sure your mattress fits on your frame, and consider the length of the frame when installing.

Mattress Size Chart

Size Width Length Height
Twin 39 in 75 in 10 in
Twin xl 39 in 80 in 10 in
Full 54 in 75 in 10 in
Queen 60 in 80 in 10 in
king 76 in 80 in 10 in
Cali King 72 in 84 in 10 in
At EIGHT we offer all sizes for every unique sleeper. Our products are made with the highest quality materials to ensure the best sleep experience. All you need to do is determine how big a bed you need and we will deliver the best sleep experience. If you would like to learn more about our products, read here