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Smart Mattresses engineered to help you sleep better and wake up refreshed.






Comfort redesigned. Back pain gone.

We made the largest and most advanced research investment in history to find the perfect comfort. Our mattresses have been designed, tested, and approved with the data from over 20,000 customers.

Bed temperature perfected.

It’s a fact: couples fight over the bed and bedroom being either too hot or too cold. We fixed that, with temperature controls on each side of the bed so you make it your own.

4 years of product development.

XX million hours of sleep analyzed

They call us the Tesla of sleep.

Wake up refreshed with the Eight Smart Alarm.

An integrated smart alarm wakes you up in light sleep so your body and mind will feel refreshed and ready for the day.

It tracks your sleep. And helps you improve it too.

The Smart Mattress tracks your sleep, heart and respiratory rates. The mobile app coaches you to maximize your sleep quality.

Send your sleep data to Apple Watch, Google Fit, and more platforms.

Simplify your bedtime routine.

Warm up your bed with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Put Nest to work when you get in or out of bed. Turn lights on or off when you fall asleep. Brew your coffee when you wake up. Sleep has never been so convenient.

Everyone loves Eight

“I’m in love with my bed. My sleep has improved by at least 20%. I sleep much deeper, the aches and pains in the hips are completely gone.”

H. Logan

“We really love the comfort of the mattress but also the ability to see how we are sleeping each night. We are highly satisfied with our mattress!”

Sheila H.

“I love that without any wearable, I can track my sleep habits and run experiments to help me get a better night sleep.”

Steven P.

“I have never slept on a more comfortable bed! The data it gathers is so comprehensive and the smart features make it the only bed of its kind.”

Rahsaan S.

20,000 customers in 46 countries.

We're on a mission to guarantee every human gets a good night's sleep every night of their lives.

"What a difference a good mattress makes. I sleep much deeper - over 25% is now REM sleep!"

- H. Logan, Eight customer

"After sleeping on it I feel both better rested and more aware of the rest I am getting."

- PC Mag