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A warm bed is scientifically proven to help you fall asleep faster.

Eight Smart Mattresses offer dual zone controls allowing you and your partner to select different warming levels for each side of the bed. Ready to give it a try?

"I love the warming feature for my wife's side that doesn't have to happen on my side."

- Eight customer

"I love the warming feature for my wife's side that doesn't have to happen on my side."

- David G., Eight customer


Micro heating elements embedded in the cover heat things up with a simple tap on the app.

Components of the Eight technology

01. Top fabric layer

02. Sensor pocket

03. Temperature control

04. Side connector

05. Hub

Pick the perfect temperature

Choose from 10 different temperature levels, from a little warm at level 1 to very warm at level 10.

Set your own schedule

Turn warming on and off automatically each night by setting your personal schedule. It's set and forget.


With the Eight skill for Alexa, you can use simple voice commands to control bed temperature. It's as easy as "Alexa, tell Eight my bed is cold".

Alexa can control both bed sides, turning bed warming off, on, higher or lower.

"I didn't know that I need my bed to be around 90 degrees under the cover with a room temp of 68 to sleep optimally until Eight. "

- Joseph G., Eight customer


Can I set separate warming schedules for each side of the bed?

Yes! Eight uses a dual-zone design which allows temperatures to be set independently for each side of the bed.

What is the recommended warming time and schedule?

If you are warming one side of the bed, we recommend starting the warming 30-60 minutes before getting in bed, and stopping it 3-4 hours after the time you usually fall asleep. This makes it easy to fall asleep, and you won't be woken up from feeling too warm.

Is it safe to leave warming on overnight?

The warming feature will automatically turn off after ten hours. Of course, we recommend exercising caution if leaving the cover on for extended periods of time.


Our Smart Mattress Collection and our Sleep Tracker are enabled with bed warming technology for each side of the bed.

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